12 Days of Voter EngagementTo wrap up 2014, Nonprofit VOTE is celebrating with 12 Days of Voter Engagement Resources! This series will highlight our top voter engagement resources for nonprofits. We hope it will both inspire you and help you prepare as your organization plans for 2015 and beyond.

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Without further ado, we are pleased to present the 12 Days of Voter Engagement Resources!

  1. 50 State Map. Get current state-specific voting information including who is eligible, how to register and check your registration status, upcoming deadlines, and more.
  2. 501(c)(3) Guide. This introduction to 501(c)(3) nonprofit voter engagement work describes a range of appropriate and legal activities and details easy ways to engage all members of your community.
  3. Benefits of Voting. There are a number of benefits associated with voting, including benefits to individual voters, to the nonprofits that serve them, and to the community at large. Learn more in our Benefits of Voting Series.
  4. Voter Registration Toolkit. (Spanish) This toolkit describes the basic principles of nonpartisan voter registration for nonprofit organizations, as well as how to take advantage of your daily interactions with clients and constituents.
  5. 2015 Voter Engagement Timeline. This timeline is organized as a checklist to help you plan your 2015 voter engagement efforts and keep them on track.
  6. What Nonprofit Staff Can Do. (Spanish) Find out what nonprofit employees can (and cannot) do on and off the clock with this factsheet.
  7. 501(c)(3) Permissible Activities. (Spanish) Discover a variety of civic engagement activities that stay within the nonpartisan requirements for 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
  8.  Voter Registration Tool. This tool makes registering to vote fast and easy. It uses simple prompts and state specific instructions to guide voters through the voter registration process.
  9. Webinar Series. Why pick just one when you can have them all? Our webinar series features a range of nonprofit and election experts and covers a variety of voter engagement topics for nonprofits.
  10. Nonprofits and Ballot Measures. (Spanish) Find out how to take a stand for or against a ballot measure, or provide neutral information about what is on the ballot.
  11. Working with Candidates. (Spanish) Learn how nonprofits can engage with candidates on a nonpartisan basis with events, forums, questionnaires, and more.
  12. Online Resource Library. Our online library is the web’s largest collection of voter engagement resources. Browse the entire library or filter by topic, type, media. or language.

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