State turnout rankings are here! The 2010 rankings are based on the total ballots cast by the voting eligible population from data compiled by the U.S. Elections Project. Without further ado:

The Top Five
1. Minnesota – 55.9%
2. Maine – 55.5%
3. Washington – 54.3%
4. South Dakota – 53.9%
5. Oregon – 53.5%

The Bottom Five
46. Arkansas – 37.5%
47. New York – 35.6%
48. Utah – 35.4%
49. Tennessee – 35.0%
50. Texas – 32.9%

Things to Consider:

  • Minnesota had the highest turnout for the third straight midterm, although its lead has diminished.
  • The 11 states with Election Day registration or same-day registration (such as Wisconsin, Maine, and Iowa) on average boast higher turnout rates.
  • Oregon and Washington—who deliver ballots to all registered voters and allow them to be mailed or returned at drop off locations—are both in the top five.
  • Two of the nation’s largest states—Texas and New York—continue to rank low in turnout percent. Will this change as Texas adds four new Congressional districts?
  • Turnout in California (45%), the other largest state, grew, maintaining a trend in the last several elections.

Wonder where your state ranks? See the full list.

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