In 2011 we hosted an array of expert presenters on a variety of voter engagement and participation topics. Before we announce our 2012 webinar series schedule, we wanted to review some of last year’s top webinars:

  • We shared groundbreaking new research from the 2010 election that documented the impact nonprofits have when they talk to their clients and constituents about voting.
  • MassVOTE’s Co-Director, Cheryl Crawford, joined us to discuss techniques for organizing an effective candidate forum, how to stay nonpartisan throughout the process, and tools to help every step of the way. 
  • Abby Levine from the Alliance for Justice and Ben Dudley from Engage Maine talked about how nonprofits can take a stand on ballot measures
  • We reviewed the unprecedented nationwide effort to pass legislation that creates voter registration barriers and limits access to the polls. Megan Donovan from the Fair Elections Legal Network talked about how nonprofits can help defend their clients’ right to vote. 
  • We asked nonprofits to start thinking about their 2012 voter engagement plan, including when, where, and how to incorporate activities into their ongoing work. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’re doing an encore this month!

Our full webinar library is available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe today and you’ll be notified whenever we post new content. We’ll be announcing our full 2012 webinar lineup soon, so stay tuned!

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