More than 150 nonprofit leaders gathered in Phoenix earlier this month to kick off a year-long campaign to increase voter participation in the 2012 elections and “Reclaim Our Community’s Power.” The event was designed to inspire and equip nonprofits and other community-based organizations to conduct nonpartisan voter engagement in 2012.

Nonprofit VOTE’s Lindsey Hodel was a keynote speaker, and one participant blogged that “she inspired the audience with her innovative and pioneer experiences.” Lindsey called on participants to “voterize” their organizations–both for the benefit of their clients and for their missions.

Although nonprofits cannot support or oppose candidates, they can most certainly help people register and vote. By doing so, nonprofits can ensure that elected officials are representative of our communities and that public policy reflects the community’s needs. The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits noted that “For too many years, most nonprofits have not seized the opportunity presented by elections to shape the communities they serve.” That is no longer true in Arizona. The Arizona nonprofit community has committed to registering, informing, and activating voters, demonstrating how easy it is to create a “powerful political force.”

Momentum is already gathering in Arizona, but what about in your state? It’s never to early to start thinking about 2012. Sign up for our newsletter and stay connected as we cover ways your nonprofit can get involved!

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