Candidate Guide ’18

Ok, you’ve taken the steps to energize and help register voters, now it’s time to keep them informed.  One of the best ways to encourage voter engagement is to connect them with materials that give them a snapshot of who and what they are voting in order to make informed decisions on Election Day.  We have compiled a few of these nonpartisan resources that give invaluable information for potential voters based on candidates and issues specific to their location.  Check it out!

The Ballot Ready tool is used to create a personalized, interactive ballot based on your voting location that will inform you of the issues and candidates you will be voting on.


The League of Women Voter’s Vote 411 tool provides up to date information on polling locations and local ballots. Just enter your location information and see everything thing relevant to the elections in your area.




The Campus Election Engagement Project creates extensively-researched, nonpartisan candidate guides on major statewide races, encompassing official candidate stands, research on salient votes and how candidates represent their stances in public.