CT-online-registrationYesterday, the Illinois State Board of Elections announced that 31,000 online voter registration applications were received by the regular registration deadline.

Of those applications, more than one-third (11,071) were received in the final 2 days before the deadline. Online voter registration began on June 27, 2014. Although the regular registration period is closed in Illinois, voters can still take advantage of “Grace Period” registration which allows voters to register (or update their information) from the close of regular registration through Election Day.

Online registration is convenient for voters and also benefits election officials. In Arizona, the costs associated with an online registration are just $0.03 compared to $0.83 for a paper registration. Online registration also reduces data entry errors and can lead to more accurate voter rolls, streamlining the Election Day experience for both voters and election officials.

Twenty states currently allow voters to register online. In 2008 only two states allowed voters to register online, but by the 2012 election 13 states had systems in place. Additional states have passed laws allowing for online registration, but have not yet implemented it. Learn about voter registration and voting in your state.

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