Yesterday Nonprofit VOTE joined MIRA and MassVOTE in registering over 1,000 new American citizens to vote following a naturalization ceremony in Boston.

This effort kicked off our annual celebration of voter registration, which we traditionally highlight in September. We choose to focus on voter registration in September because many states have voter registration deadlines in early October, up to 30 days before an election.

Although nonprofits can register voters year-round–particularly when registration is integrated into ongoing services–focusing on registration in September allows organizations to take advantage of heightened interest and visibility around an upcoming election.

Cities across the country, and even some states, are holding elections this fall and our webinar last month addressed how nonprofits can successfully increase participation rates during these critical local and municipal elections.

Visit our website for ideas and resources on how to conduct effective registration efforts. Stay tuned this month as we debut new voter registration tools and tips!

(The photo above was taken August 31, 2011 by Nonprofit VOTE staff.)

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