Nonprofit VOTE is pleased to present the latest installment in our series of voter turnout reports:

America Goes to the Polls 2010: A Report on Voter Turnout in the 2010 Election
Beyond the official state-by-state turnout rankings, this report details key voting trends such as the wide gap in youth turnout, the rise in early voting, and the continued growth of the Latino electorate. It also includes ideas for streamlining and improving voter registration practices.

In 2010, voter turnout dropped off steeply from the 2008 presidential election but was slightly higher than in 2006. Other key points:

  • 42 million fewer voters cast ballots in the 2010 midterm than in the 2008 presidential election.
  • Maine overtook Minnesota as the number one state in voter turnout–Minnesota had been first in turnout in the last seven national elections–while Texas finished last.
  • Voter turnout was ten points higher in the nine states with Election Day Registration. Two of the newest states to adopt Election Day Registration are Iowa (2008) and Montana (2006).
  • Early voting by mail and in-person continues to rise. An estimated 27-29% of voters cast ballots early in 2010, well above the 19% who voted early in 2006.

Want to know more? Download a copy of America Goes to the Polls 2010 and visit our voter turnout section to learn more.


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