Here is a growing list of the coverage across the country:


The Hill“Same Day Voter Registration: A Simple Solution to Protect Voter Rights” by Brian Miler and Miles Rapaport

The American Prospect“Election Reforms Really Mattered in 2018” by Miles Rappaport“Trump driving factor behind expected record 2020 voter turnout, expert says” by Tyler Kendall

The American Prospect“Voter Turnout Is Surging — And Mitch McConnell Is Terrified” by Eliza Newlin Carney

USA Today“We know Trump drives turnout. Here’s how states can get even more people to vote” by Michael McDonald and Brian Miller.

Intelligencer — “Strong Midterm Turnout Should Continue in 2020” by Ed Kilgore


Victoria Advocate (Texas)“Voters must register by Thursday to cast ballot in May election” by Ciara McCarthy

The Tennessean (Tennessee)“Tennesseans have reasons to celebrate, more work ahead on voter turnout” by Marion Ott, Debra Gould, and Diane DiIanni

Vermont Biz (Vermont)“Vermont Leads in Voter Participation”

Houston Chronicle (Texas)“U.S. House demands documents on Texas voter purge by April 11” by Bill Lambrecht

Patch (Ohio)“Here’s How Ohio Ranked In Voter Turnout Last Year” by Chris Mosby

Mountain Times (Vermont)“Vermont ranks 11th in midterm election voter turnout”

WCAX3 (Vermont)“Vermont ranked high in voter turnout during last year’s midterms”

Vermont Biz (Vermont)“Vermont ranked 11th for midterm election voter turnout”

Bangor News Daily (Maine)“Maine Ranks 2nd in 2018 Turnout” by Michael Shepherd

KIDY10 (Texas) — “Texas ranks 41 in voter turnout after 2018 midterms” by Nereyda Vera

Dallas Observer (Texas)“Voting in Texas Still Broken, New Report Says” by Stephen Young

Houston Chronicle (Texas)“Report: More Texans voted last year, but state still ranks among worst for turnout” by Andrea Zelinski

Pensacola News Journal (Florida) — “We know Trump drives turnout. Here’s how states can get even more people to vote” by Michael McDonald and Brian Miller.

The Chattanoogan (Tennessee) — “When It Comes To Voter Turnout, Tennesseans Have Reasons To Celebrate And More Work Ahead” by Marion Ott, Debra Gould, and Diane DiIanni

West Virginia Gazette (West Virginia)“Report: In record year for midterm election turnout, WV slips to 49th” by Phil Kabler

The Bulletin (Oregon)“Oregon near the top of 2018 turnout” by Gary A. Warner

Herald-Dispatch (West Virginia)“W.Va. voter turnout up, but still lags nationally” by Phil Kabler

Times Free Press (Tennessee)“Ott, Gould and DiIanni: Tennessee voter turnout improves, but not enough” by Marion Ott, Debra Gould, and Diane DiIanni

Laredo Morning Times (Texas)“Get-out-the-vote groups urge Texas to allow Election-Day registration” by Andrea Zelinski (Texas) — Texas Group Urges Legislature to Pass Online Voter Registration to Increase Voter Turnout

Times Gazette (Tennessee)“Voting turnout should be better” by Marion Ott, Debra Gould, and Diane DiIanni

Williamson Daily News (West Virginia)“Voter Turnout in WV Increases” by Phil Kabler


National Conference of State Legislators“Worth Noting: 2018 Midterm Turnout Report” 

New Kerala“New Report Ranks States by Voter Turnout During 2018 Elections, Points to Policies that Increase Turnout in Top-Ranked States”

Bridge Alliance“Report On How Policy Impacted ‘18 Turnout & How to Stream Unrig”

FairVote“How to increase voter turnout? New report suggests automatic registration, ranked choice voting”  by Adam Ginsburg

Election Academy“New Nonprofit Vote/USEP Report: “America Goes To The Polls 2018” by Doug Chapin — “’America Goes to the Polls 2018′ report features VAH” by Gerry Langeler

Independent Sector“New Research Shows Removing Policy Barriers Increases Voter Turnout” by Rebecca Vucic

National Council of Nonprofits“In Focus: America Goes to the Polls”

Independent Voter Network“Political Competition a No-Show in 2018 Elections” by George Pillsbury