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Webinar Recap: America Goes to the Polls 2018 . April 15, 2019

Thanks to all who were able to attend our April 2 webinar “America Goes to the Polls.” Special thanks to Michael McDonald, Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Florida; Amber McReynolds, Executive Director at Vote at Home; and Caroline Mak, Research Coordinator at Nonprofit VOTE. WEBINAR MATERIALS: Please feel free to download the PowerPoint and watch the read more

Full 50 State 2018 Turnout Ranking and Voting Policy . April 10, 2019

Last month, Nonprofit VOTE and the U.S. Elections Project released America Goes to the Polls, our report that looks at all 50 states turnout in 2018 and the policies that impacted it. In 2018, we saw history being made as voters across the country turned out in numbers not seen in a midterm election in read more

When Women are Civically Engaged our Democracy is Stronger . March 26, 2019

This Women’s History Month blog post was written by Natalie Cone, Manager of State Advocacy and Civic Engagement at the YWCA. The organizing efforts of women in civic engagement have shaped and strengthened our democracy. From the suffragettes who fought for the passage of the 19th Amendment almost 100 years ago to Fannie Lou Hamer and read more

First-Timers Succeed Even When They Fall Short . December 11, 2018

First-Timers Succeed Even When They Fall Short   Voter engagement work isn’t easy. From asking strangers if they are registered to vote, to organizing your first voter registration drive, there are lots of things that make this work confusing and challenging. Luckily, many of us also know that it gets better and more fun every time read more

The Question We Can Stop Asking About Nonprofits and Voting . November 30, 2018

What compels someone to vote for a specific candidate? Why do they vote for some measures but against others? Ask any professional pollster and they’ll tell you that even when all the demographic data lines up, there are still ghosts in the machine — blind turns they can’t see coming. But there is one question read more

Political Reform Wins Big in the States . November 7, 2018

By large margins voters said “YES” to sweeping reforms in how we register and vote. Amidst high youth voter turnout, ballot measures rode a wave of support to change how we do redistricting, register voters, pay for campaigns, re-engage ex-offenders, cast and count votes. Independent Redistricting Commissions Americans voted overwhelmingly to take away the power read more

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How One Website Is Fighting to Give Ex-Felons Back Their Power to Vote . October 16, 2018

Cold weather makes you sick. You only use 10% of your brain. Ex-felons can’t vote. We’ve heard these all our lives and while none of them are actually true, only one of them is hurting our democracy. “When you run into people with past convictions many of them believe that they cannot vote. That’s not read more

July 4th Reflections: Democracy and a History of Voting in The United States . July 3, 2018

Since the birth of this country, voting has been a key feature of a representational democracy meant to give the citizenry access to the inner-workings of the government. And while the right to vote was included in America’s foundational document – the United States Constitution ratified in 1789 – exactly WHO could vote was not read more