Get the party started! Voting is contagious. Your organization can help boost turnout by creating a celebratory atmosphere on Election Day: people are more likely to vote if it seems popular or exciting or if their peers are doing it. This kind of vibrant environment is key to generating enthusiasm–it will not only encourage voters to head to the polls, but will also engage those who have already cast a ballot, utilizing them as election ambassadors.

Plan your Election Day celebration by:

  1. Starting today: Recruit another staff member to help you plan your Election Day celebration. Get support from your Executive Director.
  2. Preparing: Have information available on finding polling locations or getting a ride to the polls.
  3. Decorating: Go red, white, and blue! Use streamers, balloons, and posters to create a festive atmosphere. 
  4. Having Giveaways: Add giveaways to the celebration, like stickers that say “I Voted” or “I’m Voting Today”. Distribute voter information cards on Your Rights at the Polls.
  5. Providing Food: Secure a food donation to fuel your celebration. Or try your hand at making Election Cake. Be sure to share with everyone–distribution cannot be contingent on whether or not an individual votes.

Your nonprofit can also celebrate Election Day by encouraging volunteers and staff to get out the vote or serve as poll monitors. Ask every volunteer to help one person vote on Election Day.

Don’t forget to give staff time off to vote or to participate in other nonpartisan activities. Consider allowing staff use personal time to work for the candidate of their choice. Whatever you decide to do on Election Day, just be sure to make it a celebration!

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