While most people think of August as the last throes of summer before school and business hours return to normal, those in the civic participation space know that three of the biggest moments in our country’s trajectory towards a more inclusive democracy happened this month:

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  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965, which outlawed racial discrimination in voting, became law in August.
  • The 19th Amendment, which gave most women the right to vote, became law in August.
  • The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the landmark protest which prefaced the Voting Rights Act, happened in August.

So this month, we inaugurate and celebrate #VoterHistoryMonth as we spend time each week commemorating the grassroots efforts and the everyday people and that worked tirelessly to ensure our country lived up to its promise of freedom for everyone (many of which you can see in our weekly profiles if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You’ll also see blogs and commentary from partners like YWCA, Andrew Goodman Foundation and more.

But this isn’t just a history lesson. This month, we’re equipping you with the best resources — webinars, fact sheets, checklists, etc. — so you and your organization are properly prepared to continue the good and necessary work that this month has brought by ensuring the communities you serve are VoteReady!

Keep your eye on the #VoterHistoryMonth hashtag to see the latest and share your own thoughts, ideas and stories!