You may have noticed that we’ve changed our name from the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network (NVEN) to Nonprofit VOTE. What’s the difference? Absolutely nothing! With the evolution of the organization we’ve decided that Nonprofit VOTE more accurately describes the structure and focus of our work. The change has been gradual, so this may not be news to you. Nevertheless, we wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the transition.

While our name may be slightly different (and shorter) our goals remain the same. We are here to provide nonprofits with tools, information, and resources to help their clients and communities participate and vote.

With that said, we have a few minor requests. Moving forward, please make sure to reference us as Nonprofit VOTE. If our old name or logo appears on your website or elsewhere, we ask that you please replace it. If you need copies of our logo for either the web or print, we’ll be happy to provide them.

If your website doesn’t already include voting information, consider making it more visible by adding the Nonprofit VOTE logo or a web badge that links to voting information. The process is simple and you can even select a state-specific badge.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns!



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