On Monday, Connecticut Governor Malloy and Secretary of State Merrill held a press conference where they called for preserving and expanding access to voter registration.

The governor is proposing legislation that would allow for online registration (with a valid and current driver’s license), Election Day Registration, and for absentee ballots to be governed by statute—giving legislators the power to adopt laws that address voters who cannot get to the polls on Election Day. The proposed legislation would also increase penalties on any effort to block or impede voter access.

In addition to helping voters register more easily, these reforms can help the state make registration more efficient and keep a more accurate voter file. Secretary Merrill noted that “Many states have already made these reforms and by taking these important steps forward we can include a younger generation of voters and expand participation in our democracy.”

The proposals will be introduced for the legislative session beginning in February. Hopefully they can be passed and adopted quickly. Whatever the result, cheers to Connecticut for looking to expand voter registration opportunities!

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