Hear from the Candidates v2There is still time to engage candidates! One way to draw attention to the election is by engaging candidates. Our partners in Arizona, Massachusetts, and North Carolina have hosted forums and collected questionnaires. These events have attracted hundreds of attendees and have garnered responses from a wide range of candidates.

Engaging candidates on a nonpartisan basis shows future elected officials that our nonprofits are paying attention and that our communities vote. Interacting with candidates also gives members of our communities a chance to hear from the candidates about the issues that matter to them.

Although there may not be time to put together a candidate forum in the weeks that remain, there is still plenty your nonprofit can do.

Nonprofit staff are free to express their personal beliefs outside of work. Learn about What Nonprofit Staff Can Do (Spanish).

See all of our resources for nonprofits on how to engage candidates on a nonpartisan basis.

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