Why Our Nonprofit is Engaging Potential Voters

There are many reasons your nonprofit may choose to engage potential voters. In our 2018 Engaging New Voters report, we found that nonprofits who were successful at voter engagement tied their voter engagement efforts to their overall mission. 

The following templates are meant to help you and your nonprofit begin to engage your staff, volunteers, members, clients, and community as potential voters by explaining why your nonprofit thinks it is important. The templates also provide tangible steps for them to get involved in the democratic process.

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Email or Letter

Dear [Name of Receiver],

We are about 12 weeks out from the 2020 election that will be taking place on November 3rd. In the next 12 weeks, we will be sharing information about registering to vote, what’s on the ballot, what you need to vote, and more to help make sure you are prepared to vote well-ahead of Election Day. 

At [Insert Organization], our mission is to  [Insert Mission] and we believe helping make sure our clients and members can participate in democracy is a critical part of that. 

By registering and voting this year, you can help us: 

  • Get the attention of candidates,
  • Move issues like [insert issues important to your organization] forward,
  • And help us build a community of life-long voters!

You can support our mission by checking your voter registration status through canivote.org and telling a friend to do the same! 

[Organization Signature]


Mobile Text Message

Hi! I’m [insert name] with [insert organization], and we are kicking off our voter engagement efforts ahead of the November 3rd election. We believe engaging voters is critical to our mission. Support us by checking your voter registration status at canivote.org, then send this information to a friend!

Facebook Post

The 2020 elections are fast approaching and we are dedicated to making sure you have ALL the information you need to register and vote by November 3! We believe that everyone who is eligible should be able to participate in our democracy. 

Stay tuned as we will be sharing vital information about the election and encouraging you to share this information with your friends, family, and community to make sure they are #VoteReady! Check your voter registration status TODAY at canivote.org and then tag a friend so they do, too!

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Twitter Post

Are you ready for the upcoming election? Because we are, and we want to make sure you’re #voteready, too! Start today by checking your voter registration status at canivote.org and tagging a friend! [Click here for social media graphics]

Video Chat Message

Thank you for attending our [Name of event]. Over the next 12 weeks, we will be sharing information about the election being held on November 3rd. We believe voting is a critical part of our mission to [Insert mission]. Visit canivote.org to check  your voter registration status, then ask a friend to do the same.


Write an accompanying blog post that can be linked to in all your information that expands on your plans or further explores why this is important to your organization. See “Feeding America Looking to Make Hunger a Voting Issue” for an example.

Have major communications (such as emails or letters) signed by leaders in the nonprofit to show that it truly is something the organization finds critical to their mission. 

Additional Resources

Nonprofit VOTE’s – Seven Reasons to do Voter Registration 

Have questions or want more assistance from us? Visit our Resources pages to learn more about how we can directly assist you.