Earlier this year, we tracked legislation in Connecticut that would allow for online registration (with a valid and current driver’s license) and Election Day Registration.

As of last weekend, it appears that Connecticut will get both. The bill, passed by both the House and the Senate, goes to Governor Malloy who plans to sign it, saying “People are the key to our democracy, and this legislation improves participation in the most fundamental way—the ballot box.”

Election Day Registration has been supported by advocates of increasing turnout in Connecticut where one out of three eligible voters is not registered. Secretary of State Merrill said, “We have the technology to allow eligible voters to register online from any computer or mobile device, and we have the security in place to allow those late deciding, busy and mobile voters to register and cast ballots on Election Day.”

Once signed into law, Connecticut will become the 10th state–in addition to the District of Columbia–to enact Election Day Registration. Learn more about voter registration in your state and read our Election Day Registration factsheet in English and Spanish.

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