Endorse voting November 6 and get your free poster, buttons, and stickers!

As 501(c)(3) nonprofits we can’t endorse candidates, but we can endorse voting.

Join Nonprofit VOTE’s 2012 “Vote November 6” campaign by endorsing voting! The nonprofit sector can spread a simple yet effective message: Vote November 6. Together we can ensure our communities make their voices heard in 2012 by registering and voting!

Every organization that signs on will receive a “Vote November 6” kit with a poster, stickers, and buttons to help get-out-the-vote. Visit our online store to grab t-shirts, water bottles, bags, and other “Vote November 6” gear! Buttons and stickers are also available in bulk.

Every organization that endorses voting will automatically be entered into our weekly drawing to win 100 free stickers. We’ll be pulling one winner each week, so endorse early and increase your odds!

After you sign on, invite partners and other nonprofits in your network to join you and endorse voting.

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