ELEC_Online_RegistrationA number of structural trends have the potential to increase voting by making it more convenient for voters and expanding their options for when and where they can cast a ballot. In 2014, a number of states passed or implemented legislation that made voting easier.

Online Voter Registration

  • 48% of eligible voters now live in states that offer online registration.
  • Five states implemented online voter registration for the first time in 2014. Both Massachusetts and Nebraska passed legislation this year to allow online registration.

Early Voting

  • Over 20.5 million voters cast their ballot before November 4. That’s more than 1.5 million more voters than cast ballots early in 2010.

Election Day Registration

  • In 2014, three states–Colorado, Connecticut, and Illinois–used Election Day Registration for the first time in major election. While Illinois originally approved Election Day Registration just for 2014, last week the state legislature passed a bill to offer it permanently.
  • Utah approved and began a three year pilot program to test Election Day Registration in four counties.
  • In 2014, seven of the top ten states in voter turnout offered Election Day Registration.

Online registration, early voting, and Election Day Registration will continue to grow as they offer voters additional flexibility in deciding how to cast their ballot.

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