…and it’s the Indiana Secretary of State. Yesterday Secretary of State Charles White was indicted on felony charges of voter fraud. White took office in January, and it appears that he used his ex-wife’s address–rather than his own–on official documents, including his voter registration. Doing so allowed White to keep his seat on the town council even after moving out of the district.

The charges include voter fraud, perjury and theft (related to his town council salary). White insists that the address was simply a mistake. If convicted of any count he would automatically be removed from office. So far White plans to remain in office while contesting the charges, despite calls for his resignation from both state Democrats and Republicans. Governor Mitch Daniels, who is also a Republican, said “It would be neither credible nor appropriate for the state’s top elections official to continue to perform his duties while contesting criminal charges, some of them under the very laws the secretary of state implements.”

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