HeadCounta nonpartisan voter registration organization founded by bassist Marc Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits- was at last week’s Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee as part of its mission to register 100,000 summer concert-goers for the November 4th election.

HeadCount is going to all the major summer concert series and festivals this year, as well as hopping on tour with the Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters, in an effort to revive the political involvement levels of music lovers around the country.

In recent years, says Brownstein, festival audiences have considered themselves outside of the political process. However, as of late HeadCount has been seeing an increased political receptiveness in music fans, reminiscent of the ’60s Woodstock activist audiences. “I think it’s changing and it’s changing rapidly because we’re able to use the platform of music to get people thinking about things outside of music.” said co-founder Andy Bernstein. “If there’s a core purpose to Headcount, it’s to take people who are outside of the process and bring them into the process.” (AP Press)

List of HeadCount’s upcoming concert events.


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