With the holidays upon us, only a handful of people are giving the 2012 election much thought, and chances are they have a January primary. Although many people are preoccupied with carols, ice skating, hot cocoa, and vacation, there are still plenty of opportunities to sneak voter registration into the fun (without any extra effort)!

Wondering how? It’s simple: just give the gift that keeps on giving–the gift of registration. We have suggestions for wherever the holidays may take you:

  • At your staff party set voter registration forms next to the refreshments. Voting is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood to celebrate!
  • Have plans to go caroling? Take voter registration cards with you and pass them out after the performance.
  • Invited to a party or dropping off cookies for the neighbors? Attach a voter registration card and throw a bow on top.
  • Hosting something at your place with people from different states? Don’t worry! Use the national voter registration form and cover all your bases.

If you live in a state that allows online registration, bring along your iPad or Kindle Fire and spread holiday cheer without any paperwork! Don’t forget that a voter registration card makes a great stocking stuffer, because really, what’s better than being registered to vote? Learn more about voter registration in your state.

Do you have any strategies for talking up voter registration around the holidays?

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