Thanks again to everyone who tuned in for yesterday’s webinar, “Voter Registration and Voter Education for Nonprofits, with Bridgette Rongitsch and Robynne Curlee. If you have questions or would like to continue the conversation, please feel free to be in touch using the contact information below.

Bridgette Rongitsch
National Director
phone: 651-757-3085

Robynne Curlee
State Outreach Coordinator
phone: 651-757-3086

You can download yesterday’s PowerPoint presentation here. You can also download the audio portion of the presentation in MP3 format. In addition, you can view the presentation and listen to the audio online here.

You can sign up for upcoming webinars and access our previous webinars by visiting our webinar page. Upcoming webinars appear at the top of the page and previous webinars appear at the bottom of the page.

All of our resources are available for download on our website. Visit our “Find Resources” page to learn more. Many of our publications are available to order, free of charge to 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Here are some to help you get ready for the election:

  • Order a “Voter Participation Starter Kit for Nonprofits and Social Service Agencies” or view it online.
  • Snag a Vote November 2 Poster by filling out this form.
  • Visit your state page to learn more about voting in your state.
  • Download our Guide to Voter Registration.
  • Place a web badge on your website to help visitors access important voting information.

Voter registration deadlines are approaching quickly, but there’s still time to take action. Project Vote offers a state-by-state guide to voter registration and Rock the Vote has an online voter registration tool to help register new voters.



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