US_passportKansas voters are headed to the polls today, but thousands of people who registered to vote will be unable to participate because of a proof-of-citizenship law.

The federal registration form requires that a person attest to being a U.S. citizen under penalty of perjury, but does not require accompanying documentation. However, Kansas’ proof-of-citizenship law requires any person registering to vote in Kansas for the first time to provide satisfactory evidence of U.S. citizenship.

The Kansas Secretary of State’s office said about 200 voters who registered to vote in today’s primary using the federal process would have their votes counted only for federal offices. An additional 18,400 people who registered through the state form would be barred from voting entirely because they have not yet provided proof of citizenship to election officials. That amounts to about 17% of all new registrations since the law went into effect last year.

The 18,400 would be voters had until the close of business yesterday to mail or deliver documentation to the county election office or until midnight last night to submit it electronically.

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