Thank you to everyone who joined us for last Thursday’s webinar, Nonpartisan Candidate Forums: Building Clout for your Nonprofit. A special thanks to Cheryl Crawford and George Pillsbury for sharing their expertise.

Due to technical difficulties during the webinar, the recording was clipped. We apologize for the inconvenience. Nevertheless, you can download the PowerPoint and audio portion of the presentation, or watch the presentation with audio online. Feel free to follow up with our presenters if you have any additional questions:

Cheryl Crawford
Deputy Director, MassVOTE

George Pillsbury
Executive Director, Nonprofit VOTE
Phone: (617) 357-8683

Lindsey Hodel
Director of Training and Partnerships, Nonprofit VOTE
Phone: (303) 910-5700

Learn more about working with candidates, including how to host a nonpartisan candidate forum.


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