Missed last week’s webinar on Get Out the Vote and Election Day for Nonprofits? Not to worry! You an still access all of the information and ensure that your nonprofit is prepared for Election Day next week!

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us with any questions.

Julian Johannesen
e-mail: julian@nonprofitvote.org
phone: 617-357-8683

Sophie Lehman
e-mail: sophie@nonprofitvote.org
phone: 617-357-8683

You can download the PowerPoint presentation, as well as the the audio portion of the presentation in MP3 format. You can also view the presentation and listen to the audio online.

All of our previous webinars are available online on our webinar page. Other free voter engagement resources are available on our website.

Here are some helpful links that were mentioned during last week’s webinar:

Thanks for joining us for our 2010 webinar series!



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