We are pleased to announce that we have just launched a newly-updated and expanded online library of nonpartisan voter engagement resources for 2016.

The resource library, which can be found at www.nonprofitvote.org/resource-library, provides guidance, how-to’s, and best practices on a range of voter engagement activities, including staying nonpartisan, organizing voter registration drives, convening candidate forums, creating candidate questionnaires and voter guides, working on ballot measures, and how staff can separate personal political activities from strictly nonpartisan work activities.

We’ve also added new resources, including several factsheets on doing voter registration, recommended practices for creating candidate questionnaires and voter guides, and more. All of our factsheets are in English and Spanish.

As the election season moves forward, expect to see even more resources added to the collection. In particular, we’re working on a series of voter registration factsheets and checklists which will be appearing soon.

We’ve also completely redesigned our resources page, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Give it a spin!

Click here to download the official Press Release.

“When United Way wanted a voter engagement toolkit for our affiliates and partners, we asked Nonprofit VOTE to create it. Their materials are practical, easy to use and firmly nonpartisan – ideal for nonprofits to further their civic mission of community engagement and active citizenship,” said Steve Taylor, Vice President of Policy for United Way Worldwide.”

—Steve Taylor, Vice President of Policy, United Way Worldwide

“Nonprofit VOTE is the best, single resource for helping nonprofits advance their missions through voter registration and voting. The Nonprofit VOTE resources are always well researched, accurate, and, most importantly, nonpartisan.”

—David L. Thompson, Vice President of Public Policy for the National Council of Nonprofits

Please help us spread the word about this new resource for nonprofits!

Shortlink: bit.ly/NPVResourceLibrary


Check out new factsheets on using social media in voter outreach & more, all for 501c3 nonprofits. bit.ly/NPVResourceLibrary

ICYMI: @NpVOTE launched a new library of voter engagement resources for 2016 this week. Check it: bit.ly/NPVResourceLibrary #NPVotesCount


@NPVote has released a new library of nonpartisan voter engagement resources for 2016. Factsheets include using social media for voter outreach as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, how to create candidate questionnaires and voter guides and more. bit.ly/NPVResourceLibrary

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