Democratic Michigan senators held a press conference last week to express their support of Senate Bill 12, which would enact no-excuse absentee voting. Currently, in Michigan, absentee voting is limited to those 60 and older or anyone who will be out of town, is in jail, has religious reasons for not voting on Election Day or needs assistance at the polls.

“We expect record voter registration, record lines at the polls,” said Sen. Liz Brater, D-Ann Arbor, who’s sponsoring the no-reason absentee measure that is law in about half the states. “Nobody should be disenfranchised because they can’t stand in that line on Election Day.”

Republicans expressed concerns about fraud.

“There’s been no evidence people are being denied the right to vote,” Michigan Republican Party spokesman Bill Nowling said. “The public is not clamoring for no-reason ballots. Democrats and unions are clamoring for absentee ballots. That should give people pause.”

(David Eggert, AP)

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