A new report from The Hispanic Institute found that Hispanics are the leading users of mobile phones and social media in the U.S.

The study, “Connected Hispanics and Civic Engagement,” highlights the three areas Hispanics have used technology to affect change–immigration, education, and voter registration.

Gus West of The Hispanic Institute said, “Latinos depend on mobile technology to engage with their fellow citizens – and the political process.”

Almost nine out of every ten Hispanics owns a mobile phone, compared to just eight in ten non-Hispanic whites. 53% of Hispanics use mobile devices to access the internet, while only 33% of non-Hispanic whites do the same.

Technology is transforming the way that individuals connect with their communities and is effectively reducing information barriers for mobile populations. Nevertheless, nonprofits must continue to work with their clients and constituents to close turnout gaps and ensure full participation in elections.

Read the full report.

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