Both the Montana House and Senate had passed legislation that would have ended Election Day Registration, thus limiting opportunities for eligible voters to cast their ballots. Luckily Governor Brian Schweitzer was on hand to emphatically veto HB 180. How? With his newly minted “VETO” brand.

In March, Schweitzer registered his “VETO” brand with the Montana Department of Livestock, paying $100 out of his own pocket. At the time a USA Today article wondered if he would “actually burn bills with a hot brand on his desk, a possible violation of the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act?” Well, we now know that the answer to that particular question is “no,” but that he certainly will outside.

And yes, that is a picture of Governor Schweitzer branding one of the 17 bills he vetoed yesterday. Glad to see that democracy is still exciting in the Wild West!

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