On Monday California Governor Jerry Brown signed the National Popular Vote bill, making California the 8th state to enact the law, along with Washington D.C.

With California on board, the National Popular Vote plan now has 49% of the electoral votes needed (132 of 270) to guarantee the presidency to the winner of the popular vote. With 55 electoral votes, California is not only the largest state to sign on so far, but also the state with the greatest number of electoral votes. Texas (who has not signed the agreement) is the state with the second largest number of votes, at 38 (after the 2010 reapportionment).

Remember, the Agreement Among the States to elect the President by National Popular Vote only takes effect when it has been approved by enough states to guarantee that the majority of Electoral College votes would go the winner of the national popular vote. Although the movement still has plenty of work ahead, for now supporters are sure to enjoy their latest victory.

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