November is well known for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and daylight savings, but it’s also American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

In that vein, we wanted to applaud the commitment and effort of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) to promote voter engagement in Native communities. Earlier this month, NCAI officially launched the Native Vote 2012 campaign during their 68th annual convention. Native Vote has been around for a while, but it has become more prominent in recent years and has helped highlight the role of Native voters in both the national and local political process.

Although the 2012 presidential election is still a year away, the timing of this launch makes it clear that civic leaders in the American Indian community recognize the need and importance of increasing voter participation rates. We hope that this move will inspire other groups across the country to begin thinking about how they plan to register, educate, and engage voters in 2012.

Make sure your nonprofit is one of them, and help ensure your clients are represented and empowered. For ideas, join our December 1st webinar Plan Ahead: Building a Voter Engagement Timeline for 2012. And for more information on the American Indian population, check out this collection of facts from the Census Bureau.

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