The New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits, in partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits, is once again sponsoring the 2012 Primary Project, a presidential candidate education initiative. The Project empowers members of the nonprofit and civic sector to engage candidates campaigning in New Hampshire, while also raising candidate and public awareness of the impact and importance of the nonprofit sector. See what they did in 2008.

At its official September kickoff, the Center brought in two seasoned party activists–one who served as a traveling adviser for McCain’s 2008 campaign and the other who worked for Obama’s New Hampshire team. Although they disagreed on politics, both guests expressed a desire to see greater nonprofit and community involvement in the political process.

This month the Center will be holding two trainings for nonprofits and community members interested in participating. They’ll address what nonprofits can do, how to stay nonpartisan, and tactical advice for shining a spotlight on the nonprofit sector.

The Project will continue through the primary season and transition into more general voter engagement in the lead up to November’s general election. This nonpartisan initiative does an incredible job of utilizing New Hampshire’s political relevance to champion nonprofit voter engagement, and can hopefully inspire similar projects in other states.

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