NASSLast week, Nonprofit VOTE was in Washington, DC at the winter conference of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) to present to their Voter Participation Committee on National Voter Registration Day (NVRD).

Nonprofit VOTE’s Executive Director, George Pillsbury, and Voto Latino’s Partnership Director, Jessica Reeves talked to the Secretaries about the day’s success in its first two years and plans to expand it in 2014. NASS first endorsed National Voter Registration Day in 2012. Pillsbury and Reeves reported that in its first year 300,000 people registered to vote in a single day with events held in all 50 states. A bi-partisan mix of more than half the Secretaries of States celebrated NVRD along with more than 1,000 local organizations and 10,000 volunteers.

At the winter conference, NASS members also voted to once again renew their partnership with Nonprofit VOTE. Nonprofit VOTE has been a voter participation partner of NASS for five years and National Voter Registration Day is their largest collaboration.

In more news, the National Association of State Election Directors–which met simultaneously–passed their own resolution in support of this new national holiday for voter registration and democracy. And if imitation is a measure of success, the UK held its first National Voter Registration Day earlier this month.

Get ready to celebrate National Voter Registration Day 2014! It’s September 23, so mark your calendars.

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