Over the last few months members of Nonprofit VOTE’s staff have been at conferences, trainings, and events across the country to spread the word about nonprofit voter engagement. In July, Lindsey Hodel was at the Kansas Conference on Poverty where she gave a keynote speech and led a workshop. She also presented at the National Community Tax Coalition’s annual conference.

Suggestions for voter engagement strategies were well received and Nonprofit VOTE’s presence helped to focus rising nonprofit interest in 2012. Participants and attendees were particularly eager to hear about integrated approaches–like registering voters on-site in the course of providing other services–and what nonprofits can do to stay nonpartisan.

We have plenty of stops lined up this summer and into the fall, including appearances at the Michigan Nonprofit Association’s Nonprofit Day 2011, the Alliance for Children and Families’ National Conference and a 2012 planning workshop with Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition. If you’re at these or other events, be sure to sign up for our workshop or stop by to chat. If your organization is hosting a conference or event and would like voter engagement materials to display or ideas on how to make a compelling argument from the podium, don’t hesitate to be in touch!


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