In 2012, your organization and the entire nonprofit sector helped encourage communities across the country to participate and vote. Clearly your efforts to register, educate, and engage voters paid off.

This year, lower-income, younger, and more diverse communities frequently served by nonprofits accounted for a greater share of voter turnout than ever before. While some of this can be attributed to population increases, it was also aided by unprecedented voter education and engagement efforts from the nonprofit and civic sector.

  • Young voters (under 30) defied predictions by claiming a higher share of total turnout in 2012 (19%) than in 2008 (18%).
  • The Latino share of the electorate continued to rise, increasing to 10% this year.
  • Black voters maintained their share of the electorate from 2008, holding at 13%.
  • Voters with family income below $50,000 increased their share of the electorate, jumping three points to 41%, despite the fact that the population of that bracket has remained unchanged from 2008.

Read the full report for additional details on the changing electorate, early voting, participation trends, and more. Congratulations again on successfully promoting voting and engaged and active citizenship in 2012!

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