We’ve had a lot to say about the Census recently, and before we dial it back there’s one more thing Nonprofit VOTE has to get off its chest–thank you! We want to recognize nonprofits in all 50 states who worked on the Census and our Nonprofits Count! 2010 campaign.

You made an incredible difference by reaching hard-to-count populations. All manner of nonprofits leveraged their reach and trust to encourage Census response, and many served as official Questionnaire Assistance Centers and Be Counted sites.

Over 24,350 local nonprofits used Nonprofit VOTE resources to promote the Census in their communities. Our Nonprofits Count! 2010 campaign trained over 2,300 local nonprofits on how to promote Census participation, distributed more than 6,300 toolkits, and provided resources to Census outreach programs in 18 states and through 25 national nonprofit partners’ networks. Together, we helped ensure that our clients and communities were counted!

So give yourself a pat on the back and relax for, oh let’s say, eight or nine years. After all, we want to make sure you’re well rested and able to do it again in 2020! And if you’re looking for a project to tide you over, try your hand at nonpartisan voter engagement!


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