Read on to learn about nonvoters and how nonprofits can successfully turn them into voters!

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One thought on “Nonprofits and Nonvoters

  1. Non-profits are just innocuous little entities existing in their
    own isolated corner of the economy. They do not hurt the economy, but they
    certainly do not carry it, either. Non-profits serve one distinct purpose –
    bettering the world while zeroing out their books. Non-profit organizations are
    a steady source of employment. Just because non-profits are not allowed to
    carry forward does not mean their operation does not require specialized jobs
    to be filled. In fact, in terms of day-to-day operations, non-profits run very
    similarly to for-profit corporations. Non-profits, like for-profits, rely on
    computer programmers, accountants, graphic designers and other specialized
    workers to ensure smooth operation. AGC founder Alan Gavornik personally
    commits his 32 years of entrepreneurship and business development
    excellence to facilitating the causes of the philanthropic community.
    AGC is committed to the prudent application of the successful business
    models and principals of the private sector to those of the philanthropic and
    public sector markets. His consulting, coaching and training services to the
    non-profit community are delivered on both a discounted basis as well as
    through a host of pro bono engagements. AGC has a
    mission to boost the performance of non profit clients by using
    decades of private sector experience tailored to the following areas;

    • Development Sales Training

    • Program Marketing

    • Effective Team Leadership Skills

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