UPDATED: 10/14
The Census Bureau announced that the end of the self-response period is October 15. Click here to see the rest of the timeline adjustments the Census Bureau has made.   
2020 Census Goes Door to Door
Starting July 16, the Census Bureau is going door-to-door to collect responses from households that did not complete the census on their own. You can view when “Non-Response Follow Up” is launching in your state, by visiting the CUNY Hard to Count Map at https://www.censushardtocountmaps2020.us.
Census Takers in Your Neighborhood
What to expect when census takers visit households that have no self responded to the census. https://2020census.gov/en/census-takers.html
Modified Mobile Questionnaire Assistance (MQA)
The Census Bureau has launched a modified version of MQA in low responding areas. The purpose of MQA is to promote and assist with responding to the 2020 Census.  Instead of attending large events, MQA staff will target places where people visit when leaving home such as grocery stores, pharmacies, faith-based organizations, food pantries, libraries (if reopened), and city offices. Learn more about this effort at https://2020census.gov/content/dam/2020census/materials/partners/2020-07/mqa-overview.pdf

Key Reminders

  • The seventh mailing arrives in households August 27 through September 15. Paper Questionnaires must be postmarked by October 15 to be counted under the current operational timeline.
  • Interested in tracking 2020 Census Nonresponse Followup (NRFU) COMPLETION RATES in your community? – The Census Bureau is publishing daily, by state, (NRFU) completion and “total response” rates through October 1, 2020. Find out how to read this new data here.
Given that the CDC, many states and localities are asking for organizations to limit the number of people at gatherings and many events are being canceled, you may want to consider alternatives for GOTC outreach in your communities. The following are a few suggestions for outreach: 

Learn more at censuscounts.org