To Start

  • Assign a staff person or volunteer as your nonprofit’s census liaison
  • Learn about the census – timeline, impact
  • Discuss at a staff meeting
  • Discuss at a board meeting
  • Learn about the areas of your community that are hard-to-count

Summer 2019

  • Discuss opportunities with your current funders for grants to support get-out-the-count in your community
  • Create a link on your website to
  • Add information about the census to an E-Communication or Newsletter
  • Contact your local or regional census office about partnering
  • Advertise U.S. Census Bureau job opportunities
  • Contact your city and/or county about local complete count committees

September 2019- February 2020

  • Develop a plan for how those your serve will have access to
    the census 2020 website to complete the form online
  • Develop messages to connect the census to your work
  • Promote census in e-communications
  • Include at a conference or other convening
  • Distribute materials to target audiences, internal and external
  • Host – or advertise someone else’s – Training or Online Webinar
  • Co-Sponsor a Community Event on the Census

March – May 2020

  • Incorporate the census into ongoing outreach, services and advocacy
  • Display Posters – with key messages, where to get help
  • Provide computers and phones for people to use when completing the census