Every person counted in your community brings funding, representation and resources to the people you serve and engage every day.

Nonprofits can communicate the importance of the census just by including it in your ongoing activities, services and communications.  Here are basic activities your nonprofit can do to “get out the count” in the 2020 Census.


Educate yourself and your organization on Census 2010

  1. Be the lead person – or assign one – at your nonprofit on the Census. Read our fact sheets.  Get informed.
  2. Put the Census on the agenda of your next staff or board meeting
  3. Find out what’s at stake for your state and community in federal funds, political representation, public and private investment. Which populations are hardest to count.


Add the Census to all your communications from now through April 2020

  1. Put news item or facts from our website in your e-newsletter, on a blog or in your social media.
  2. Make the Census visible on in your agency, on your website (download a Nonprofits Count web badge here) and in the community.
  3. As the April 1st Census Day gets closer – Announce the Census at meetings. Put up a poster from our Nonprofits Count! Ask a media partner like a local radio station or respected community leader like a board member to help your nonprofit get the message out.


  1. Your Staff: Have your staff and volunteers understand the importance of the Census.  Train them to answer basic questions about the Census or know where to send people for help.
  2. Your Constituents: Find simple ways to engage your constituents about the Census during the most critical period of the count, February – April. At or in your:
    • Intake or home visits
    • Meetings or events
    • Communications and printed materials
    • Regular services, classes, or training programs
    • Provide computers at your organization for those you serve to complete the census online.
  3. Your Community: Ask staff and constituents to get their friends and neighbors to complete the census online, by phone or by paper.  Make the Census a top community activity for April 2020.