Can Nonprofits Increase VotingIn 2014, Nonprofit VOTE conducted a multi-state study to analyze the voter engagement strategies of nonprofit service providers. More than 100 nonprofits participated, reaching more than 45,000 clients, consumers, and constituents about registering or pledging to vote. Early analysis has revealed that in North Carolina, nonprofits participating in the study had a significant impact on turnout among on those least expected to vote.

Last year, the overall participation rates of young voters dropped sharply compared to the 2012 presidential election. It held true in North Carolina, where voter turnout among young registered voters under age 30 was only 23%. However, turnout among young voters contacted by a nonprofit at which they receive services was 39%. Similarly, statewide turnout among registered voters with the lowest propensity to vote, as measured by voting data firm Catalist, was just 20%. By comparison, low propensity voters contacted by a nonprofit turned out at 40%.

Stay tuned for more on our findings as we continue to analyze the data. Be on the look out for Nonprofit VOTE’s full report, due out in August. In the meantime, read about Nonprofit VOTE’s research conducted in 2012 on the impact nonprofits have on voter turnout.

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