As 501(c)(3)s, nonprofits are uniquely situated to register, educate, and mobilize potential voters. Service-based nonprofits are trusted leaders in their communities. Nonprofits whose communities vote have more access to elected officials, increased clout on issues, and are better positioned to advance their mission.

Our checklists, guides, and other resources can help your nonprofit navigate the logistics of planning events, what staff can and cannot do, and other facets of mobilizing voters in the following categories

  • Voter registration – the first step to getting people #VoteReady ahead of the 2020 election
  • Voter education – providing information about election deadlines, voting requirements, and information about candidates or issues that may be on the ballot
  • Voter turnout – encouraging folks to cast their ballot, Get out the Vote (GOTV)


Voter Engagement Planning

Getting Started with Voter Engagement: A Checklist – Link Here

Making a Voter Engagement Plan – Link Here

Voter Engagement Timeline – Link Here

Voting in Your State: A 50 State Guide – Link Here

Voter Registration

Filling out and Returning Voter Registration Forms – Link Here

National Voter Registration Act – Link Here

FAQ When Doing Voter Registration In Your State – Link Here

Voter Registration and Active Tabling Checklist – Link Here

Sample Script for Voter Registration – Link Here

Reasons to Register to Vote – Link Here

Voter Registration Ask Email Script — Link Here

Voter Education

Voting as an Ex-Offender – Link Here

State-by-State Vote by Mail Policies – Link Here

Same-Day and Election Day Registration States – Link Here

Tips for Supporting Voting By Mail – Link Here

Voter Turnout – Getting Out The Vote (GOTV)

Seven Tips on Getting out the Vote – Link Here

Nonprofits get out the Vote! – Link Here

10 Things to do from now until Election Day – Link Here

Sample Staff Policies for Time Off to Vote – Link Here

Sample Vote Email from CEO/Executive Director – Link Here



National Low-Income Housing Coalition – Our Homes Our Votes: Link Here

National Network to End Domestic Violence – State by State Chart of Address and Voter Protection Programs: Link Here

National Alliance to End Homelessness – Every One Votes Toolkit  Link Here

Federal Voting Assistance Program – You Can Vote From Anywhere: Link Here

AADP – REV UP Imaged and Toolkits: Link Here

US Vote Foundation – Election Dates and Deadlines: Link Here

US Department of Justice – NVRA Q&A: Link Here