A controversial Ohio election law (HB 194) set to take effect on Friday has been suspended, pending the outcome of a November 2012 referendum.

If implemented, the law would prohibit counties from mailing out unsolicited absentee ballot applications, end the “golden week” when people can register to vote and cast a ballot on the same day, and reduce the number of early voting days.

Opponents of HB 194 gathered 318,460 petition signatures in support of a referendum to overturn the law. 231,147 of the signatures must be verified in order for the law to remain suspended and for the issue to be placed before voters in 2012. Secretary of State Jon Husted said the verification process will not be completed before this fall’s election.

In other good news, as the law has been suspended, early voting for the November 8 election begins today. Happy Election Day Buckeyes!

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