ohiovotestickerOn Tuesday, Ohio State Senator Frank LaRose introduced legislation (SB 370) to designate the fourth Tuesday of September as “Voter Registration Awareness Day.”

In an interview, LaRose said he got the idea from a group of black religious leaders from Cleveland and noted that a number of civic groups already recognize the fourth Tuesday of September as National Voter Registration Day. He said designating the day is worthwhile, “considering that it basically costs the state nothing to do, and it just provides an opportunity for there to be sort of a rallying cry for people to remember to register to vote on a certain day.”

Ohio is the first state to introduce legislation regarding the establishment of National Voter Registration Day, though other officials and elected bodies have officially recognized the holiday.

National Voter Registration Day began in 2012 and registered over 357,000 voters in its first two years. The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) has endorsed NVRD since its inception and many individual Secretaries of State support NVRD. This year, NASS passed a 5 year resolution of support, placing this holiday on the calendar of democracy through 2019.

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