The National Council of Nonprofits (NCN) supports nonprofit voter engagement efforts and believes that all nonprofits “have a right and a duty to be part of the electoral process”–particularly this year.

NCN seeks to advance the role, capacity, and voice of nonprofit organizations through state and national networks, which is one of the reasons NCN partners with Nonprofit VOTE. Together, we and our partners can utilize our networks to effectively coordinate efforts and disseminate information about best practices.

NCN–the largest network of nonprofits in the United States–encourages its partners and affiliates to learn about 501(c)(3) nonpartisan requirements and to engage their communities. This can be done by educating candidates or helping the people you serve register and vote. After all, the people we elect will decide significant policies that can either help or harm the communities our nonprofits serve. Follow NCN’s lead and voterize your nonprofit!

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