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Think Locally: The Value of Municipal and Regional Elections
Thursday August 18th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern

Typically, voter turnout is significantly lower in local elections than in national or statewide races. The upside is that municipal, city, and other regional elections give your nonprofit an unparalleled opportunity to boost turnout, simply by encouraging your clients and community to vote. Because local elections are intimate affairs, your organization can also build rapport with local candidates and elected officials who make many decisions that directly affect your organization and community. Join us for a discussion on how your nonprofit can effectively engage in local elections and maximize your impact–without overloading staff and volunteers.

Featured Presenters: Efrain Escobedo is the Executive Liaison for the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder, overseeing local elections throughout the county. Through his work, he also assists nonprofits interested in engaging in the electoral process. Lindsey Hodel is the Director of Training and Partnerships for Nonprofit VOTE, helping nonprofits across the country implement successful voter engagement programs. She has experience running a variety of voter engagement campaigns, both in Colorado and nationally.



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