The American Voting ExperienceLast month, the Presidential Commission on Election Administration released a report with recommendations to improve the voting experience. The report comes after a six month examination that included public hearings and consultations with state and local election officials, academic experts, and organizations and associations involved in voting or election administration.

The Commission’s key recommendations call for:

  • modernization of the registration process through continued expansion of online voter registration and expanded state collaboration in improving the accuracy of voter lists;
  • measures to improve access to the polls through expansion of the period for voting before the traditional Election Day, and through the selection of suitable, well-equipped polling place facilities, such as schools;
  • state-of-the-art techniques to assure efficient management of polling places, including tools the Commission is publicizing and recommending for the efficient allocation of polling place resources; and,
  • reforms of the standard-setting and certification process for new voting technology to address soon-to-be antiquated voting machines and to encourage innovation and the adoption of widely available off-the-shelf technologies.

The report focused on the experience of the voter, and likened the efforts of the best election administrators to those of well-managed private sector organizations who have high customer service standards. Read the report for additional suggestions and findings.

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