In California, redistricting has become a public affair with the creation of the new Citizens Redistricting Commission. But Sacramento is making the local redistricting process more public and transparent. They’ve developed a free online tool that lets anyone participate by drawing their own district boundaries for consideration by the city’s committee, and eventually city council.

Sacramento has a history of engaging the public in the redistricting process. In the last redistricting cycle the city sought public input by offering a free GIS-based desktop redistricting tool (before the rise of online tools). The city’s IT manager noted that “By offering a central place to create and submit plans, we can expand participation and communicate the objectives and challenges of redistricting.”

The program was configured with the latest data from the 2010 Census, and is available during the six weeks leading up to the May 16 public plan submission deadline. Learn more about Sacramento’s redistricting process.

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