Last month, candidates in Vancouver’s municipal elections campaigned a little differently—they dated voters.

Of course, these were strictly platonic “dates” and were part of a candidate speed dating event organized by Get Your Vote On—a nonpartisan group who encourages youth participation. For many attendees, the format made perfect sense because “you’re going to be in a three-year relationship” with whoever is elected.

The quick rounds of face time give voters a chance to ask questions and interact with candidates on a more personal level. The evening had something for everyone, including a formal candidate debate after the speed dating concluded.

Luckily you don’t have to go to Canada to date your candidates. Similar speed dating events have been held across the country, in places like Portland, Oregon and Juneau, Alaska. Speed dating seems like an effective and fun way to engage candidates, so why not organize an event in your community? Learn more about candidate engagement and then start dating!

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